Preparing for a baby

Preparing for a baby

(Preparing for a baby pdf file)

The following checklists should help you to get organized as you prepare to welcome a new member into your family.  Don’t be overwhelmed by a long shopping list of “things” for your baby.  Most of what your baby really needs you already have – warm and loving hearts, strong arms and endless patience.  Enjoy preparing for your new baby, but remember what your baby needs most is being with YOU!

First Wardrobe

  • 6-8 cotton sleepers
  • 4 pairs of bootees or socks
  • 6 receiving blankets, large size to swaddle (42×42) or
  • 6 specialty blankets
  • 5  half T-shirts (till cord falls of)
  • 6 onsies; T-shirts that snap between the legs (after cord is healed)

Seasonal Clothing

  • Hats
    1 Summer:  lightweight hat with brim to block the sun
    1Winter: heavyweight hat that covers ears and ties under chin
  • Blankets
    2 winter (fleece blankets for tucking around car seat
  • Winter play: fleece snow suit with attached mittens and bootees

Diapering needs

  • 4 packages of disposable diapers (need approximately 150 diapers for 2 weeks)
    __2 newborn size
    __2 size 10-12 lbs.
  • 4 boxes of unscented, alcohol free, diaper wipes
  • 1 tube of diaper rash cream high in zinc oxide (first check your Pediatrician’s recommendation) *I recommend Aquaphor® ointment initially
  • diaper pail, diaper genie® or diaper champ®
  • plastic bags to dispose of dirty diapers


  • 2 water proof mattress pads for crib
  • 3  fitted crib sheets
  • 3  fitted cradle or bassinet sheets
    Reminder: NO loose blankets, comforters, crib bumpers, pillows or stuffed animals in crib.
  • black & white mobile to hang above crib/ black and white development toys
  • exercise mat for tummy time

Bathing Supplies & Necessities

  • 6  washcloths
  • 4 terry-cloth towels w/ hoods or use large adult sized towel  to cover head after bath, and to lay on for sponge baths
  • mild unscented baby soap & shampoo (Dove is usually recommended, but check with your Pediatrician)
  • Eucerin® cream for dry skin
  • baby bath tub
  • baby nail scissors, clippers & baby nail file
  • baby soft brush & comb
  • sterile cotton balls
  • sterile alcohol wipes
  • nasal aspirator
  • antibacterial ointment
  • digital thermometer, check on your Pediatrician’s recommendation
  • 1 tube unscented petroleum jelly (3 tubes if you are planning to have baby       circumcised or 3 tubes Bacitracin® depending on your physician’s       preference)
  • 3 bottles of Purell ® hand sanitizer with moisturizer, in pump
  • 2 boxes sterile 3×3 gauze pads for circumcision
  • mild unscented laundry soap
  • Clorox ® disinfectant wipes to clean baby equipment

Nursery Equipment / Furnishings

  • crib w/ firm mattress
  • bassinet or cradle for parent’s room
  • changing table w/ 4 changing pad covers in nursery
  • sleep area and changing station on first floor
  • rocking chair or comfy lounge chair that rocks
  • bouncy seat/baby swing
  • footstool to elevate legs while nursing
  • high chair when baby is older (6 months)

To Take Baby Out

Breastfeeding Moms

  • 3-4 supportive nursing bras or sports bras(not underwire)
  • 3-4 sets cotton nursing pads not disposable
  • 1 tube pure lanolin cream
  • nursing pillow
    -Boppy® or My Brest Friend®
  • Double electric breast pump, if returning to work

**Other supplies may be needed in the early days to help obtain a good latch-on technique.  Guidance will be given by your lactation consultant

Breastfeeding Resources

La Leche League groups provide telephone assistance by volunteer leaders and free monthly meetings for support.

Medela is a worldwide recognized breastfeeding product and service company.  You can submit breastfeeding and pump related questions to or call 1-800-435-8316. provides support and evidence based information on breastfeeding, sleep, and parenting.

At MedStar Montgomery Medical Center, the Mommy and Me Club is a great way to get together with other new moms as they navigate parenthood.  Topics discussed include:  breastfeeding support, sleep issues, infant massage, understanding your baby and safety concerns to name a few.  Working Moms and Breastfeeding is another program geared for moms returning to work who wish to continue with breastfeeding. or 301-774-8881 to register.

(Preparing for a baby pdf file)