Overnight Care

Overnight Care

You may feel you would benefit from the added assistance provided by overnight care.

Overnight care can be provided by either a Registered Nurse or a Newborn Care Specialist.

We will care for your newborn giving you more opportunity to sleep.  Performing all aspects of infant care, including bathing, diaper changes, circumsion care, bottle preparation, bottle feeding, breast pump instructions, burping, swaddling, and maintaining a safe sleep environment.

When breastfeeding , the NCS can assist with comfortable breastfeeding positions.  All our Registered Nurses are either Lactation Consultants or Outpatient Breastfeeding Specialist who can assist with special concerns that may arise during breastfeeding.

The RN will complete a daily assessment on your baby and provide you with a written care plan, so you may refer to it for step by step instructions.  Both the RN and NCS will provide you with a written hourly log of how your baby did throughout the night.

If you have questions about which level of skill would be most beneficial for your new family, call BWB directly so we can assess your needs and assist you in finding just the right care for your family.