Multiple Care

Multiple Care

We provide services unique to parents who have multiples. For parents of multiples, implementing a schedule and getting sleep will be a priority.  We will help develop a feeding/sleep schedule using the guidelines established by your pediatrician.  You can also schedule a phone consultation for specific guidance in sleep training.

Daily assessments will be completed and you’ll be given a copy for your records.  We provide the added support you may need as you adjust to your new role as a mother of multiples.  This includes giving you the newest recommendations on newborn care and helping you to develop your own parenting style.  Most importantly, we provide time for mom to get much needed rest.  You may decide our overnight care services are just what your family needs.

Our nurses will guide you through questions about specifically caring for multiples.

We will demonstrate and assist the new parents in all aspects of baby care, helping with bathing, diaper changes, circumcision care, bottle preparation, feeding issues, swaddling and safety concerns.  We can assist in helping set up a safe nursery.

If breastfeeding, you’ll receive the added assistance needed to prevent common problems.  We will assist with proper positioning and correct latch-on technique.  We will assist you in developing a feeding plan that works for you and your family – whether learning to nurse both babies  at one time or alternating times babies spend at breast.  We will monitor your baby’s feedings to ensure each baby’s getting enough.  We will provide instructions on the use of the breast pump, assist you in setting up a pumping routine and provide guidelines on milk storage.