Lactation Consultations

Lactation Consultations

Our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) can help with more in-depth problems should they arise.  An IBCLC credential identifies a knowledgeable and experienced member of the maternal child health care team who has specialized skills in breastfeeding management and care.  We work in collaboration with your pediatrician to ensure a healthy start for your baby.

In-home breastfeeding consultations can be scheduled on an as needed basis.  All clients will have a follow-up by phone 1-3 days after the initial consultation.  Depending on the assessment/ recommendation of your initial visit and follow-up with the IBCLC, it is possible that an additional in-home consultation may be required.  Every attempt is made to provide services within one business day from initial contact with a representative of BWB.

The IBCLC will complete a thorough history on both mom and baby, observe and assess a breastfeeding session, then devise an individualized care plan and provide follow up.

The IBCLC will also provide tips for dealing with breastfeeding issues that interfere with getting off to a good start, such as: inverted nipples, cracked or sore nipples, painful nursing and breast engorgement.  We will assist with proper positioning and correct latch-on technique.  We will monitor your baby’s feedings to ensure your baby’s getting enough.  We will work in collaboration with your pediatrician related to your baby’s feeding plan.  If supplementation is advised by your pediatrician, we can help develop a feeding plan that allows you to continue breastfeeding.  We will provide instructions on the use of the breast pump and guidelines on milk storage.  Easy to follow written care plans will be given to address any areas of concern.

Lactation consultations are covered by private insurance under the Affordable Care Act.  Although BWB does not participate with any insurance provider as an “In Network Provider”; we will generate a “Super Bill” for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement of services provided.