Infant Care

Infant Care

Our RNs provide assessment, education, and prevention of common problems that may arise when you first bring your baby home.  We provide as much assistance as you may require.  This allows the new mom to gain confidence in caring for herself and baby at a pace that’s comfortable for her.

Lactation support is included in all transitional newborn support and postpartum services.  All of our registered nurses are either lactation consultants or lactation outpatient specialists.  We work in collaboration with your physicians to ensure a healthy start.  BWB will continue to support the new family by providing phone consultations, where you can talk directly with a registered nurse who is specifically trained in caring for both mom and baby during the postpartum period.

Each family is unique and we customize our services to fit your individual needs.  Each visit to your home can be for as few as three hours per day.  We can provide extended hours if you desire.  We take pride in the personal touch we bring each family, and want you to feel comfortable about using our services.

Daily assessments of baby are completed and you’ll be given a copy for your records.  We give you the newest recommendations on newborn care.  We will teach you how to calm a fussy baby and help you learn to understand how your baby communicates.  You’ll learn how to help your baby meet their physical as well as developmental milestones.  Our overnight care services provide time for mom to get much needed rest.

We help you to develop your own parenting styles.  Provide time for mom to get much needed rest. We will demonstrate and assist the new parents in all aspects of baby care, helping with bathing, diaper changes, circumcision care, bottle preparation, feeding issues, swaddling and safety concerns.  We can assist in helping set up a safe nursery.

If breastfeeding, you’ll receive the added assistance needed to prevent common problems.  We will assist with proper positioning and correct latch-on technique.  We will monitor your baby’s feedings to ensure your baby’s getting enough.  We will provide instructions on the use of the breast pump and guidelines on milk storage.